Ober-Erlenbach Bad Homburg

One of the smallest locales of bad homburg with the populations of five thousand inhabitants, stretched over a distance of 904 kilometers per square and acquired the city rights on first august nineteen seventy two. It is located on the boundaries of wetterau district. Most of the land is still unused and filled with beauty. From north east it joins his borough, ober eschenbach .If you are one of those visitors who love to travel or want to stay at a place that is convenient, luxurious and peaceful. Then Ober-erlenbach should be your priority. The district has an excellent infrastructure as well as it offers many facilities for its locals and expats.


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There are bars, clubs, sightseeing, landmarks etc. There are so many popular restaurants in an area like bistro flamingo, zurtraube, alcentrobistronate, gaststatte burger keller etc that offer exquisite cuisine. They are the perfect places to go for a dinner date with your beloved companion. For sports lovers ,there is a mini golf Platz “and playground where they can play football,ice skating and other games. Almost thirty-five playing venues are in a district of Ober Erlenbach for children and adults and stretched over an area of fifty-six thousand eight hundred and eighty-five kilometers per square. One of the famous sports arenas is TTC OR bad homburg is a indoor table tennis arena and was established in a year 1987.A most busiest site of district” tithe barn” hosts exhibitions, cultural events. People from different ethnicities and communities celebrate them. This place is also a home town for many celebrities. The former political person “theoder franz schoreder” and “casper e schieler”, who was a German theologist, belongs to this area. For academic purposes there is elementary school “Paul mar” that offers quality of education to primary students as well as day care centers for older and infants. Two popular attractions of the city recommended by people on the internet are Heimatstube, A museum and a church St martin. To stay, you will find budget friendly hotels in a district that are featured with large comfortable rooms and internet facilities. These rooms offer a spectacular view of a city. The city has smooth roads and an excellent transport system. To reach via karben, lohwald and other districts, you can use metro trains or buses. The district is very close to the city Centre. It would be easy for you to visit shopping centers, flea markets and offices.